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Renna Ryann, Commando

Commando has just found himself the hottest piece of pussy on the block! With her fantastic petite body, Renna Ryann has gotta be the cutest hooker in the whole goddamn world. After haggling the price, Commando gets busy, yanking Renna's top off and sucking on her juicy little B-cups. Commando's gotta bring his A-game because if he makes Renna cum, this fuck is a freebie! Twirling her around, Commando slams her beautiful twat in doggy and you best believe our sweetheart cums! Like 6 times!

Rihannon, Matt Daddy

Ex-cheerleader, Rihannon was blessed with quite the rocking body. Her natural tits look unbelievably supple and bouncy. Good thing for us, Rihannon is a crazy sex fiend. An unrepentant pleasure seeker in the truest sense of the word. During the massage session, you can tell right away, she wants to fuck her client, Matt. She secretly strips off her clothes while Matt lays face-down on the massage counter, totally unawares! When he does finally turn around, she's buck ass naked and down to fuck! He pounds this ultra-hot brunette first in the cow-girl position, then doggy-style. That's what I call getting more bang for your buck.


Cherri is bringing sexy back like a motherfucker in this steamy hot solo fuck video. Standing in her bedroom wearing a skirt and denim top, she takes instructions from a guy off-screen, telling her to strip! And quick! But she goes the slow and sensual route, letting the camera drink up her every delicious curve. Blessed with smallish, perky tits and a tight teen rump, Cherri lets us see more of her spectacular wonder when she starts playing with herself! Watch the cameraman finger her til she cums all over her bedsheets.

Alyssa Reese, Eva Ryder

Brunette stunner, Eva Ryder, is a psych major at her university, and has just recently learned about subconscious body language. She can tell by Alyssa's coy gestures and roving hands that she's been dying to experiment. When Alyssa hears this, she's absolutely delighted because for once, it makes the seduction that much easier. They strip down to their lacy bra and underwear and take a moment to admire each others' god-given loveliness. Eva immediately wants to see what it feels like to have her fuckhole licked out, so, of course, Alyssa obliges her. She was born to eat cooter and is damn good at her job.

Shay Fox, Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry's cheating wife hasn't been back home for 3 days. But he's not angry... why get mad when you can just get even! He calls over crazy hot escort woman, Shay Fox who's packing some hefty cannonball tits. Shay is shocked as shit when Harry whips out his hefty fat wang and starts tit-fucking her melons. Harry has had his eye on Shay's perfectly shaved cooter ever since she flashed her clit ring. She straddles on top of him in reverse cowgirl, getting speared right up her poon! Uncle Harry almost bursts a blood vessel in his brain when he ejaculates all over Shay's huge dripping boobs.