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Melrose Foxxx, Jessica Dawn

Melrose Foxxx has had a nice relaxed day out by the pool, but she's bored and lonely so she calls her dear friend Jessica Dawn over to enjoy her pool on such a hot summer day. Melrose wants more than just a little company though, and when Jessica makes it over she wastes no time in getting that gold bikini off of her beautiful ebony body! They start finger banging and eating each-other out in the hot sun, it all gets to be too much, and they need to cool off. Things move inside for a little AC, and a little more fuckhole diving!

Kimmy Kay, Levi Cash

Kimmy Kay is a hot wild teen girl that's completely down to fuck! Levi Cash is going to be her man of the hour, as she explains to you just how sexy she really is, and all the stuff she'd like to do! Once Levi's in the room she's no more bashful than she was, and after a little rimming and some incredible head she's ready to take things much further! She sucks his one-eyed trouser-snake like she's trying to breathe through it, so Levi changes things up and fucks her six ways from Sunday! All Kimmy does is beg for more!

Tetiana, Nick

Tetiana is part of the wave of the future, right in to 3D porn. She's enjoying herself immensely as she starts to wiggle her backside at the camera, looking back to see if you're staring at that perfectly tight ass. Then she's spreading her leg slowly, promising the perfect pussy underneath. Nick swoops in and starts touching her, getting her wetter and wetter by the second until she's on her back, with her legs up in the air, taking a pumping that leaves her breathless and filled with plenty of jizz.

Myrka, Denisa

I appreciate the fact that these dyke hotties stay paired up with their preferred lover. This playful honey lesbian fucking is as real as it gets here. The camera rolls freely as these bitches get passionate and let loose on every one of their craven desires. One running theme happens to be Myrka's obsessive love for probing, licking and tongue-banging another tramp's asshole! I can't express enough to you the quality of these two carpet-munching divas. Myrka was blessed with a bombastic ass that just won't quit, while her girlfriend Denisa was given traffic-stopping boobs! Which model goes for broke? (Hint: Myrka's got a tongue ring!)

Casey Cumz, Alan Stafford, Bill Bailey

Blond petite waitress, Suckie needs vampire dong and she needs it now! Having been separated from her two main vampire mans, Bill and Eric, Suckie seeks them out when she goes to goth club, "Bangtasia." With both vamps fighting over her affections, Suckie realizes what she must do to satisfy them both!

Brittany, Brannon Rhodes

Brittany is a cute blonde girl next door, but while she might seem pretty average you're going to see that she has a very special surprise waiting under her pants. That ass is big, juicy and gorgeous, the type of ass that needs to be put up on a pedestal and worshiped. That's almost want Brannon Rhodes ends up doing, as she stands up over top of him with that ass inches away from his face. He gets her good and ready for a pounding, making sure that the ass is taking center stage in all of the fuck angles.

Jessica Dawn, Romeo Price

Jessica Dawn has long had a dream of getting in to a rap flick, but she has no idea that these auditions are going to take a turn for the sexy. Romeo Price wants to get her on his penis, so he starts with his charming routine that happens to have him mouthing her boobs before licking at her ebony cunt. The camera gives you some POV angles of her sucking on his dick, enjoying that vanilla treat in this interracial audition. She soon requires more than just some licking and mouthing, so you're treated to a wonderful vision of that large ebony ass facing you as she rides his meatstick.

Megan Piper, Richie Deville