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Kerry Louise, Sledge Hammer

Kerry Louise is a bit of a size queen, but for good reason. She needs a large shlong around to be able to get through her oversize dark tits, along with that bouncy butt that she's sporting. She's just looking out for her pleasure, after all. Sledge Hammer fulfills her requirements with plenty to spare, and she's going to be working herself in to a horny frenzy over his dick. Before long she's gobbling down that pecker, letting it slide down to the back of her throat before she wants to climb on top of that weiner and ride it until it erupts.

Monica Sexxxton, Shawna Hill

Monica Sexxxton is at it again, tricking another dumb whore into pounding her for free! Today's silly little starlet is Shawna Hill, who is so super excited to meet Monica and needs this pay-day pretty badly. Monica gets her into the bedroom and starts stripping to get Shawna a little more comfortable. Once her white panties and denim dress are off Shawna proves to know just the right way to get Monica moaning which she munches her vag. After the get soaking wet with some sixty-nine Monica breaks out her favorite toys to really rail her new skank!

Amber, Trenina


Aiysha is about to put on one hell of a show for you on her desk! She's been working on her table dancing and requires to show off all her new moves before she gets down and dirty with her bad self. In her mini0skirt, t-shirt and polka-dot thong she takes her time teasing as each piece falls to the floor exposing her exquisite body piece by piece! Once she's nude on the desk, her hands start to get busy touching her nice moist vagina. As she gasps and moans, her hands find a nice giant red rubber cock to get her to the next level of passion!

Ana Adams, Tony Rubino

Ana Adams is one of those divas that both has no shame, and is remarkably proud of her body. So much so that she's running around in her backyard naked, with a thong rising out of her pants. Tony Rubino takes notice and starts grabbing at that butt, letting his hands wander all over her body. She's being as lusty and horny as can be, so they go back to the house to get their freak on. She's a dick blowing champion, with plenty of skills to back up all of the penis teasing that she was doing outside.

Lou Cipher

Elizabeth Bentley is a cute young blonde with a thin body, but a round innocent ass and a tight little twat! She's excited to show you everything she's got hidden under her pink onesie, and once she in the buff on the couch she can't keep her hands off her pretty pink slot! Neither can the camera man, and a little rubbing gets her to flip over so he can finger her backside. Fair is fair, so she grabs his tight shaft and gives it a little wank, then a little jerk and tug before taking it all in her mouth!

Grace Evangeline, Ralph Long

Grace Evangeline was enjoying her night alone in her bathroom, spending a little quality time with her vagina when she thinks she hears something at the window. Nothing there, but it freaks her out of the horny mood she was in, and when she's talking to a friend on the phone she catches the voyeur in her backyard probing one out! She wasn't expecting such a well hung handsome man though, so she drags him inside and takes full advantage of the situation. She might have missed out on some masturbation last night, but she'll make up for that this afternoon!

Nataliya, Igor

Red hot coed, Nataliya relaxes on the couch in her sexy outfit of fishnet stockings. This tramp isn't even wearing any lingerie! She fingers her vag and get it nice and moist for when old stud Igor comes to pound out her hole. Before that happens, Igor has Nataliya lick his dirty ass crack!

Margo Sullivan, John Strange

Margo got remarried a few years back and she was happy about it. The dude was a little younger, well established, and didn't seem to have any major kinks in the bedroom that would ruin her day. But lately, as he's been getting older, she isn't getting the wang she requires, and some of the younger mans that come around the house are starting to look a lot more appealing. When her husband is out of the house, she invites one of the neighborhood guys over, and John Strange has no idea why he's there.