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Ally Brooks, Eric John

Adorable schoolgirl, Ally Brooks is about to fail outta school unless she can convince her teacher otherwise! He barely gets a word out edgewise when Ally brazenly lifts up her crop top and flashes her teen hooters. After petting his obviously erect dong in his pants, guidance counselor, Eric John can no longer resist his sexual urges and yanks off her bootie shorts and laps up her slot like a parched pup. Then, he takes his long-butt cock and shoves it nonchalantly up Ally's super-firm coochie and almost breaks his own fuckin' desk from the hard banging he's dishing out! He completely covers coed Ally in an obscene shower of cum!

Alyssa Reese, Sandra Syn

Alyssa Reese can rock a go-go outfit better than any carpet muncher tart worth half her salt. She spins around and shows her perky, young backside to her puzzled friend, Sandra. The conversation becomes personal with Alyssa revealing her insatiable love for fooling around with beauties. She kisses Sandra at first, just as a feeler bet, to see if she can go further. Sandra's pants are so tight, you can even see a sexy camel toe! Alyssa peppers Sandra's tight tummy with a rain of kisses. Once completely naked, the babes take turns eating each others' twats and touching and kissing with sensual abandon.

Gianna Michaels, Alec Knight

Stunning brunette Gianna Michaels makes her way onto the patio in a bikini. She removes her top for some sunbathing, and she proceeds to oil herself up. She's soon joined by her horny dude, and he helps rub oil all over her before helping her off with her bottoms so he can eat out her hairy beaver. She's soon mouthing his hard meatstick, noisily slurping on him as she deep throats and gags on his tool. She wraps her large natural boobs around his penis so he can tit bang her, and she gets on her hands and knees to get it doggy style. She climbs on top to ride him cowgirl, and he takes her missionary. He finally blows his load all over her swaying boobs.

Nikki Sweet, Will Powers

Porn auditions are always a riot in my book, maybe due to the fact that whoever the girl is, you know she is completely down to fuck! Today's flavor of the day is Nikki Playful, a damn foxy blond bitch with an ambitious drive for banging her way to the top of the biz. And Will Powers is the dude that will help get her there...hence the audition. At first, Nikki can't figure out how to even fit Will's foot-long, ah, but that's what practice is all about. She is positively moist dripping when Will pumps her reverse-cowgirl. Yes, there's nothing quite like on the job training!

Dana DeArmond, Jenner

It's about time that The Powers That Be made an example of one of those annoying holy rollers! Dana DeArmond is going door to door trying to spread the good word, but Jenner isn't have any of it and the only reason why he doesn't slam the door in her face, is because this is one beautiful bespectacled bible bitch! Jenner is rocking out with his pecker out and the thought of his engorged member is just too tempting for Dana to resist. What started as a wholesome attempt to evangelize a lost soul has turned into a contest to see how many carnal sins they can commit! Jenner drills this bashful angel in her tight bunghole. Out of the frying pan and

Mina Leigh, Jenner

Jesus, Mina Leigh is a fucking bitch! But it all somehow makes her steaming hot when she's bitchy. Not knowing when to shut her damn pie hole, Jenner has no choice but to insert her mouth shut with his tool! Tossed in the massive house for causing a public clip, angry couple, Jenner and Mina gotta deal each others' company. When the he said, she-said bullshit starts making Mina moist, they get the idea to turn their jail stay into a full-blown cell block fuck party! This is how bang your bitch when she crosses the line. He tosses the kid gloves off and critter-bangs Mina with every inch of his pecker of destruction!

Riley Ray, Joey Brass

Joey Brass likes his bitches lithe and petite. If it means he's gonna get his cock dripping (especially in a firm cooche like Riley Ray), he'll take any chance he can get! Today's sex odyssey takes place outside under the warm Californian sun. Joey madly fingers her cooter. Riley moans like a true teenie bitch in heat. She's imagining his hard penis slamming her deepest, most dripping insides. Then, the passionate fuck party begins. Just looking at her squirm in handling a giant porn cock and it's clear this bitch had no idea what she was getting into. Porn valley is like the matrix. It's gotta be seen to be believed...

Bobbi Starr, John West, Jenner

At the outset of this extreme threesome clip, muscular stud John West walks up behind his starlet, oversize titty milf Bobbie Star. He gently kisses the back of her neck and massages her juggs. Just as he is about to advance things further, he spies dirtyolder dude Jenner having a wank outside the window as he watches the sex unfolding! He angrily drags the man inside, throwing the terrified dirty old guy down on the table. However, this peeping tom sure gets more than he was bargaining for when dirty Bobbie goes down on him! The two mans share the big titted milf for the rest of the afternoon, pounding both her holes and even double penetrating her!

Eden Adams, Kelly Skyline, Chris Johnson

Nubile college slut dreams, Kelly Skyline and Eden Adams spend their lazy afternoon exploring their lesbo tendencies! Eden is a fresh-faced, petite blond spinner and Kelly Skyline is a true DTF bitch. Believe me, a cutie like that doesn't get her nano nipples pierced unless she requires the world to know she's a dyed-in-the-wool freak a leek! They start munching on each others' yummy nether regions. Girlish squeals erupt when Chris Johnson surprises them, hard cock in hand and ready to give these pair of kitten minxes a serious weiner-thrashing! The dickhead is in, so let the xxx banging and mouthing action begin! Watch these hotties pile on each other, e