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Ariana Grand, Talon

Darling college slut, Ariana Grand wants to be a slut but she's too short for the runway but perfect for the casting couch! Talon exploits this easy piece of backside by snapping photos and telling her to strip off her clothes. Eager to please, Ariana shows off her perfect nubile coed figure - her supple anus with innocent tan lines, her perfectly perky stand-up boobs and that oh-so gorgeous face! After watching her bob off his shlong for dickhead, Talon lays some serious pipe on this young and tight bitch, slamming her viciously hard against the couch with her screams egging him on, fueling his carnal fucking! Watch him paint her pretty face in huge globs of cum!

Alyssa Lynn, Talon

Talon is busting his backside at work when the boss's spoiled daughter comes dashing into his office barking orders at him - the first of which is to lick out her snatch! Talon wipes his mouth and gets on his knees instantly and gives this bitch the tongue-twirling adventure of her life! Some real afternoon delight happening right here! After creaming her underwear, she takes Talon's tool in her whore mouth and power-sucks him, almost making him bust his nut! But Talon is gonna teach this broad a lesson and smashes her shaved little vagina against his desk and spurts hot guy lava down her throat! Now who's the fuckin' boss?!

Vanessa Cage, Romeo Price

Hard-working secretary, Vanessa Cage loves her sexy delivery men! She waits for Romeo to place her shipment on his desk before asking him for a quick favor - a sensual foot rub! She even hands him a bottle of oil! Grinning, Romeo lathers up her soft legs and feet and begins squeezing them gently. Vanessa purrs to his touch and spreads her legs wide open so Romeo can see her ravishing red panties. Before you know it, she's jerking him off with her feet! Then, they're having full-on passionate pumping right on her desk! Watch Romeo bash that beaver with his long meatstick and unload his love droppings on Vanessa's firm butt!

Maserati, Jerry

Get ready for HUGE TITTY HEAVEN! Black centerfold, Maserati has one of the most awe-inspiring enormous tits I've ever seen in my entire pumping life. She's laying on the bed with her hefty double FF cup melons getting fondled and felt up by Jerry. She crawls towards his pants and unzips his fly and takes his hot dick in her mouth as Jerry twists his tongue all around her ebony cooter. Then Jerry lays back and enjoys what must be the best goddamn titty-pounding job ever put on film. Then, Jerry pounds Maserati nice and hard, slipping out his penis to bang her giant tits one last time before spraying her face down in cream!

Paisley Parker, Talon

Alright, screw the set-up, let's just get straight to the 18-year-old coed pumping! After checking her ID to make sure she's legal, Talon totally helps himself to his hot piece of college slut fuckhole! Paisley Parker is a tight little hottie with nice, slender legs, stand-up cannons and a fresh firm snatch. Why, she can barely wrap her nano lips around Talon's construction cone-sized dick...just want until you see this coed bitch get fucked! Talon launches her up and down his penis, then he flips her sideways and nails her on the floor, his hips smashing Paisley's tiny fuckhole to pieces! Look at all that ejaculate on her face!

Mandy Muse, Talon

Mandy Muse can bring any guy to his knees with her incredibly wet bootie. Case in point, she decides to seduce her dad's bestfriend, Talon by coyly shaking her money maker right in his pumping face. Salivating, Talon leaps at the chance, breaks taboo and ravishes her awesome fuckin' body. Tossing her jean shorts to the side, he runs his dirty tongue up and down Mandy's crack and slit and when that snatch is nice and slippery, he unceremoniously pounds his shlong deep and hard, filling her young vag with his fat pounding penis. He's like a goddamn engine of cooter destruction, just nailing that snatch until its good and swollen!

Lila Jordan, Alliee Cat

Aillee Cat is madder than a hornet after she hears rumors about her bestfriend, Lila Jordan hittin' on her sugar daddy! Aillee jumps on Lila's innocent nubian body and demands the truth! Lila confesses that she's not into guys at all and just wanted to get closer to Aillee! To ease the tension, Lila treats Aillee to the wildest, wickedest cooter-licking ever complete with full-on finger-pumping! These two dyke sistas are so goddamn beautiful with their chocolate curves and phat asses. Watch them eat fuckhole and make each other cum over and over again!

Cassidy Banks, Jerry

Jerry swallowed a Viagra pill and his penis has been rock-hard for hours! He visits the local doctor for some release and boy, does he fuckin' get it! Cassidy Banks may very well be the hottest M.D ever! She starts off by laying poor Jerry down on her massage table as she starts jerking him off with both hands. Things get a little hot, and she tells Jerry to take off her constricting lab coat. Jerry is dazzled by her delicious, eye-catching panties and starts mouthing on her huge, moist natural tits. Before you know it, she's tit-banging his weiner until he finally spurts his jizz all over her beautiful tits!