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Agnes just knows that she's going to have to take care of her beaver herself if she wants to be properly serviced, so she's going to go ahead and strip down, showing off her sweet Asian body. Her favorite dildo comes out, a bit too wide for that firm twat. You can see her muff stretching and straining to fit around that toy, working in nice and deeply. Before long she's shuddering and shaking on the toy, trying to hold herself back before she explodes in a fit of passion that leaves her completely and utterly soaking dripping.

Ava Taylor, Bradley Remington

Ava's parents just left town for the weekend and she can't wait to get banged! After inviting her boyfriend over, they get the naughty idea to shoot a porn! Ava is one of those deliciously playful emo divas you've always fantasized about slipping your shaft in. She slowly peels off her shorts to show off her pink thong and Brad pushes his fingers against the gentle fabric, getting her snatch wet already! She lays flat on the bed and sucks on Brad's long pecker. Then, this punk rock teen sticks her nano, petite booty up in the air and screams as Brad pushes all 10 inches of hard concrete shlong in her little cooche. Ava's slot starts creaming immediately!

Cherry Ferretti, Sonny Nash

MILF bosses get extra bitchy when they don't get the deep dicking they deserve and crave! Cherry Ferretti is on the warpath and chews out her lazy worker, Sonny Nash for not finishing up an important report but Sonny calms her down instantly by fondling one of her juicy boobs! Cherry is shocked by his actions but can feel herself start to fall away to his physical charms. She takes her shirt off and pulls Sonny closer so he can suck on her tits as she unzips his pants to feel his hard meatstick. For a boss, she sucks his pecker like a pumping woman and loses her mind when Sonny finally fills her cooche up with hot shaft!

Jillian Janson, Talon

Luscious bride to be, Jillian Janson and Talon are one of those kooky conservative couples who are waiting to have sex after marriage. Jillian surprises her hubby, Talon by wearing some super sexy pink thongs. She climbs on top of him and clasps her tiny hands around his pecker and starts jerkin' him off. Talon gets fuckin' randy from his handjob and starts sneaking his fingers down Jillian's pink panties and hooking his fingers up her wet, moist muff as she keeps tugging away. After eating her out, Talon watches as Jillian wanks and sucks him off and spills his jizz all over her perfectly perky boobs.

Katerina Kay, Will Powers

Katerina Kay is one FRESH and SWEET teen who's about to get the biggest, longest dong drilling she's ever had in her 18 years on this earth, compliments of cocksmith, Will Powers. After snapping some sexy photos of Katerina's thongs sticking out of her butt, Will tells her to take the rest of his clothes off. Once she vids her jeans off, she turns and right in her face is Will's extra long meatstick jiggling in her face. Smiling, she gobbles him up and licks his shlong and then lays back on the bed and spreads her young legs apart. She looks so fucking hot in just her dark thongs. Will slides her lingerie to the side and bangs the shit out of her

Gabriella Paltrova, Scott Lyons

Gabriella Patrova goes to see her doctor about throat pain but when Scott tries to administer a rubber tongue depressor, Gabby flatly refuses and says the only thing that goes down her throat is a shaft! Shocked at her brazen sexual behavior, Scott strips off her hospital gown and stares up and down at her beautiful, flawless figure. Gabriella totally gets what the doctor ordered and gags and chokes on his long rod until she's gasping for air with pre-cream spittle strings dangling from her lips. Scott fucks her mouth hard while eating out her snatch and jerks off his hot cum driblets in her moist mouth!

Aimee Black, Will Powers

Punk rock darling, Aimee Ebony gets paid to treat Will Power's to the best night of his life! She crawls into his room dressed in her skimpy lingerie and climbs on top of him. Will's hands instinctively fondle Aimee's rump cheeks and probing her panties. With a yank and a slap, he yanks off her dark underwear and runs his tongue up and down Aimee's dripping snatch and asshole. Then, relaxing back on the bed, Will pulls out his massive dong and Aimee is completely shocked at how GIANT his dickhead is! Watch her work her delicious round booty up and down on that prick until Will can't take it anymore and glazes her wet anus like a pounding Krispy Kreme donut!

Savannah Fox, Jerry

Feeling nervous before her massive job interview, Savannah Fox sneaks outside to have a smoke and meets one of the employees, Jerry. After some chitchat, Savannah scurries back on time for her appointment and lo and behold, who is sitting in the boss's chair but none other than Jerry! Immediately ashamed, Savannah decides to seduce him with her large anus and her expert dickhead-sucking mouth! Pulling off his pants, she eats that manhood up and then spins around so her new boss can spread apart her butt cheeks and lick her cooche and crack. She gets a hot pile-drive fuck right on the desk and catches his cum!

Izy-Bella Blu, Tony Rubino

Izy-Bella Blu is a bit of an exhibitionist, so she's usually wearing very low cut pants with a very high rise thong. That thong can be seen from all around, so Tony Rubino is all over that. He pulls down her pants and reveals that playful thong, which she manages to keep on for some time. Of course in the frenzy of her pumping they end up getting pulled off, and she just keeps going until she is sated. That takes quite some time for this cute and passionate lady, with her brown hair going all over the place as she gets banged in to oblivion.