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Sheena Shaw, Will Powers, Jimmy Lifestyles

Sheena Shaw has been trying to get the mens attention in her office for a good long while. Everyone seems to notice the other girls, but never Sheena so she's decided to really ramp things up today to get their attention from now on. She comes onto Will Powers quite strong in her black dress and stockings, and when she takes his cock in her mouth he's sure she'll have his attention whenever she wants it. But when Jimmy Lifestyles comes in and she starts letting him fuck her as well, that's when they're both sure she's their favorite.

Madison Mayhem, Tim Cannon

This old blonde bitch needs a deep dicking like it's nobodies business. She gets her barrista friend to come back to her place with her for a lesson on how to make better espresso in the morning, but it's all just a rouse to get him in her home and seduce him. Once they get there, she shows him around a bit, but lingers longer in the living room. Her seduction technique takes a strange turn for the obvious and she just throws her legs across his. He's interested though, and was hoping for this all along.

Nikki Charm, Scott Lyons

Nina Rae, Will Powers

Porn stud Will Powers lets out a low wolf whistle as stunning blond prostitute Nina Rae walks past his hotel. She is wearing the classic hooker uniform of a tight but revealing leather jacket and a leopardskin mini skirt - so slutty and so fucking sexy! Up in the hotel room, with promises of money later on, Nina gets down on her knees and sucks Will she also bends over and Will lifts up the back of her skirt to lick and finger both her holes. He slides in behind the pretty blond on the sofa, pumping her from the back slutty Nina, wanting to get some orgasmic pleasure of her own, stimulates her clit with a powerful Hitachi vibrator.

Nikki Mae, Tony Rubino

If only it were this easy in real life! Stunning blond coed Nikki Mae is hanging out at the park when she is effortlessly picked up by dirtyfucker Tony Rubino. Slutty young Nikki is obviously eager for some hard dick in her extremely tight poon - the bigger, the better! The gorgeous blond and blue eyed cutie pulls out her perfect natural melons as soon as she gets in to the crib, taking Tony's huge pole into her mouth and sucking on it. Then she bends over on the sofa, whimpering softly as Tony enters her sweet poon - it's by far the biggest cock that this young slut has ever experienced, but she takes a hard, teasing fucking!

Bella Reese, Juan Largo

Check out the assets on stunning and voluptuous brunette Bella Reese! She's got a truly massive pair of fake tits - and just look at that ass! Her latino stud covers her booty with baby oil, making it glisten before he spreads the ass cheeks and tongues both holes. Then the hung fucker slides in to the dirty bitch from behind, placing a dominant hand on the back of her neck and pumping her hard and fast. Her juicy ass cheeks ripple with every deep thrust! He almost cums inside her, whipping out his pole at the last moment and sending a thick spurt of jizz splattering all over those lovely ass cheeks. What an impressive cumshot!

Abbie Anderson, Will Powers

Abbie Anderson is a sweet and sassy amateur who looks all sweet curled up on the side of the couch. When she's in the mood for a big dicking, however, she's going to be getting herself all hot and bothered, with her pussy spread wide and Will Powers having his way with her. She's moaning and whimpering in pleasure, knowing that there's nothing quite like watching her as she takes on more and more of a pounding. Before long, she's got her legs above her head and she is letting her pussy take on one hell of a thrusting.

Vespa, Zane

Vespa is a petite model who is completely and utterly in the mood to let her pussy ride right on over Zane, who wants this piece of ass like none other. As he works his dick deep inside of her, she's going to be squirming and squealing while she gets impaled. She whimpers as he changes her position, letting herself take that dick ever deeper. As she gets herself completely hot and bothered, she's going to be screaming out in pleasure. His dick just keeps pounding away at her until she's going to cum hard.

Sadie Sable, Ray Black

Hot body blond fuck slut Sadie Sable just can't wait to get the black dick in her pussy! She quickly strips for her man Ray Black, lying there with her legs spread and literally begging him to give it to her. Ray strips off, and Sadie immediately tries to pull his erection into her pussy however, the stud pushes her away with a smile, telling her that she has to work before she gets that prick! Sadie knows exactly what her man needs, taking his fat dong in her mouth and taking it as far down her throat as she can. However, it's just too big to take the whole thing! There's no such problem with her pussy - she loves to get stretched!