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Miki, Jack

Isn't it every red-blooded man's fantasy to get a blow job while on the can? A "blumpkin", if I'm not mistaken. (Thanks Harold and Kumar!) Definitely the best of the both worlds, I'll say. Jack is lucky to have a good-looking chick like Miki so eager to blow him. I mean, just look at this girl with her tight, athletic figure, stand-up titties and cleanly shaved muff. After getting his cock sucked, Jack has good enough sense to return the favor and tongue-tease her cunt. He mounts her doggy-style and drills his nubile brunette darling right up her dripping wet pussy. This bitch is so nasty, she even takes it up her dirty asshole as well!

Tara Holiday, John Strange

Realtor career bitch, Tara Holiday takes her big-dicked lackey, John Strange in one of her properties to do some quick appraisals. As he's snapping photos of the place, his smoking-hot boss, Tara suddenly rips apart her blouse like a porno supergirl, exposing her huge titties! At a loss for words, John does what he's told and goes with the flow as Tara unbuckles his pants. Bringing his iron-hard prick to her lips, Tara polishes his knob to full effect, working that veiny bastard in and around her cheeks, then plopping it out with a huge grin on her face. She wasn't expecting her new hire to have such a big donger! She straddles him and bounces off his fuck stick screaming all the way to a melting-hot orgasm!

Martina, Anton

Hello, Massive MILF Tits! These precious, pearly and not to forget humongous breasts will hypnotize you just like they did to yours truly. If Russia had a wild west era, Martina would be one of those no-nonsense saloon sluts waiting for you at the top of a smoky staircase. She concentrates on slowly sucking off Anton. My guess is she probably wants him to fuck her as long as possible without busting early - the greedy bitch! Watch her adorable pussy with just a tuft of pubic hair get pounded out in furious fashion! She lovingly moans as hot jizz droplets are deposited all over her tits and tight tummy.

Brandi Edwards

Catfight alert! Brandi Edwards takes sweet revenge on a rival bitchy pornstar by stealing her ridiculously huge dildo for her solo scene. This rubber fucker is as thick as a fucking caveman's club and at least a foot long in length. Deviant but wholly delicious brunette, Brandi fucks herself stupid with it, creaming her pussy juice all over it. Climbing on the bed with evil intentions writ in her eyes, she gently inserts this laughably huge fuck toy in her poon. There's a fucking suction sound when she yanks out the gigantic head. JESUS MURPHY - I've never seen such a tight twat get gaped and stretched in one fucking stroke and poke. Unbelievable shit!

Malazia, Nick

Ethnic hottie Malazia loves to get give massages - and she also loves to get screwed by good-looking young bucks! She always provides for her clients in the privacy of her own home, because that's where she has the most privacy to get fucked! She gives stud Nick an awesome back rub, peeling off her bra unnoticed by the stud part way through the session. He only realizes that she's partly naked when she starts to rub her breasts on Nick's back! There is some hot oral both ways, with Malazia getting paid back for her message services by Nick giving her a good cunt licking. He spunks right on top of her ass hole, covering her ring piece.


Red-hot vampire nurse, Noelle went all out with her sexy attire. That's what I like though, a truly depraved bitch who'll stop at nothing to satisfy her never-ending hunger for sex. In this case, she doesn't have any playmates around to fuck, so she'll have to resort to her b.o.b (batter operated boyfriend) to get off. Noelle is one impatient slut bag. Almost immediately, she rams her crazy cyborg of a dildo straight into her poop shoot. It's already quite the tight spot, but this whore doesn't care. She slams it in and out as fast as she wants, and then licks off the residue! Fawk!

Anita Peida, Alia Starr

Nubian princess, Anita Peida, has no idea her photo shoot is about to turn into some steamy lesbian sex! As soon as Alia Starr drinks up her subject's figure - she's smitten! These black babes are already incredibly beautiful hotties, so I can't imagine the explosive results when these two hellcats give in to their decadent lust. After snapping some risque up-close photos of Anita's perfectly formed tits, Alia gets ballsy and leans in for a sensual kiss. Anita returns her affections in spades, running her hands over Anita's gigantic tits. Caught in a sexy embrace, these red-hot lesbians get down to fucking business, with Alia burrowing her tongue in Anita's sweet fuck slot. Sweet babydoll, Anita even has a pierced clit! This is quite possibly the hottest ebony lesbian scene ever. You'll lose your goddamn mind amidst their sweet, shuddering orgasms. Guaranteed.

Jade Jamison, Commando

Straight up, Jade Jamison looks like an ex-Charlie's Angel! This ultra-sexy and all-natural cougar is prowling for young cock and sets her sights on her son's gang-banging wannabe friend, Commando. Leading him in her bedroom, she immediately takes full control, laying him back and sucking his cock with a whore's appetite. She pauses to strip off her tight jeans and goddamn it if I've never seen a more sweet, voluptuous figure on an older lady. Her giant freckled tits bounce and jiggle as she straddles him cow-girl. He pumps his fat pecker in her aching twat, matching her frenzied fuck tempo. For his final master stroke, Commando smashes out her MILF pussy doggy-style until Jade is literally begging for her hot facial!