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Alyssa Reese, Eva Ryder

Brunette stunner, Eva Ryder, is a psych major at her university, and has just recently learned about subconscious body language. She can tell by Alyssa's coy gestures and roving hands that she's been dying to experiment. When Alyssa hears this, she's absolutely delighted because for once, it makes the seduction that much easier. They strip down to their lacy bra and underwear and take a moment to admire each others' god-given loveliness. Eva immediately wants to see what it feels like to have her fuckhole licked out, so, of course, Alyssa obliges her. She was born to eat cooter and is damn good at her job.

Spencer Sage, Jenna Rose

If you love your pussies young and tight, you can't go past gorgeous brunette babes Spencer Sage and Jenna Rose. The bodies on these two girls are fucking outstanding - the definition of the word "nubile!" The two young cutie are supposed to be studying, but instead they peel off each other's clothes and suck on each others pert little titties. You won't see a hotter pair of tits than those on these young sluts! This isn't just a lascivious porn fuck fest - these girls are quite sensitive and romantic with one another, nuzzling erotically at each others' necks before they go down on each other, making each other orgasm several times over.

Milana, Monica

Monica is laying on her couch in the living room waiting for her darling paramour to return home. Milana, a gorgeous raven-haired cutie, shows and immediately kisses her. Then, she bends Monica over, peels off her underwear and clamps her mouth on her asshole. The constant fingering of Milana's tongue drives Monica absolutely batshit with desire. Then, with both hands gripping Monica's asscheeks, she pulls her backside back and forth while plugging her bum with her tongue, effectively banging her with her mouth! These playful carpet munchers have no problems giving as good as they get!

Alyssa Reese, Pamela Kayne

Lesbian head-hunter, Alyssa Reese loves dabbling in slow seduction with her innocent female friends. She's spread the word that she fooled around with Pamela, but in reality, Pamela needs some warming up for the lie to be true. Easy peasy. Alyssa didn't get to become queen bee without a little bit of deviousness. She slides over demurely to Pamela and they start kissing immediately. Taking care not to startle her friend, Alyssa carefully removes all her clothing, all the while leaving innocent kisses all over her body. Now, that just leaves us with one part of Pamela's lithe body that hasn't been visited by Alyssa's hungry tongue...

Leilani Leeane, Savana Ginger

Two huge sets of tits, two nice round booties, and two sweet black cunts that are aching to get licked and fucked! Leilani and Savana have got a hunger for wet pussy that has to be satisfied, and they have brought along all the tools to get the job done! At first oral sex is the flavor of the day as the two lingerie clad ebony harlots go down on each other one at a time. These girls have got expert pussy licking technique and there is real chemistry between them as they look up into each other's eyes and talk filthy as they eat each other out. Not satisfied just with oral climaxes, the girls finish each other off with a solid dildo fucking.

Anna Nova, Lola

Get an inside look at the titillating wonders that only coed lesbians can deliver. These sweeties are so horny for each other that the added realism really ramps up this episode's satisfaction. The first thing Anna does to Lola when she's bent over on the bed is to go straight for her asshole. Once she slides the ebony lingerie to the side to expose Lola's tight cheerio, in goes the tongue! She runs her tongue doggedly through the groove in between the pink valley of Lola's backside cheeks. Then, she stops and spits all over her asshole. Now, she's touching Lola's fuckhole while furiously tossing her salad at the same fucking time!

Alyssa Reese, Ivy

Alyssa is so devious. Is there no level where she's not willing to stoop? She begins crying to her hot red-head friend, Ivy about her lost dog and how utterly heart-broken she is. Being a good friend, Ivy comforts her by draping an arm over Alyssa and letting her lean on Ivy's shoulder. Alyssa becomes brave and kisses her. At first, Ivy is shocked, but Alyssa is just too damn beautiful to resist. The couple end up on the end, kissing and gracing their curious hands over each others' forbidden feminine curves. Watch Alyssa school Ivy in a lesbo crash course of touching, vag-eating and double-headed dildos!

Alyssa Reese, Angelina Tyler, Julie, Sheila Faye

Lesbo ring leader, Alyssa Reese has hatched another plan to kick off her fantasy fuck party! She's accompanied by the likes of party vixens: Julie, Sheila and Angelina Tyler. Bored with nothing to do on a Saturday night, Alyssa suggests they all take photos of each other kissing, post them online and see what kind of man they can bait! However, as soon as the dyke kinkfest begins, they all start banging each other wildly, at first with their mouths and curious fingers, then with heavy duty bang toys! So, if you're looking for a dyke party for FOUR, we've got front row seats to the most live coochie-purring action ever!

Melrose Foxxx, Jessica Dawn

Melrose Foxxx has had a nice relaxed day out by the pool, but she's bored and lonely so she calls her dear friend Jessica Dawn over to enjoy her pool on such a hot summer day. Melrose wants more than just a little company though, and when Jessica makes it over she wastes no time in getting that gold bikini off of her beautiful ebony body! They start finger banging and eating each-other out in the hot sun, it all gets to be too much, and they need to cool off. Things move inside for a little AC, and a little more fuckhole diving!

Myrka, Denisa

I appreciate the fact that these dyke hotties stay paired up with their preferred lover. This playful honey lesbian fucking is as real as it gets here. The camera rolls freely as these bitches get passionate and let loose on every one of their craven desires. One running theme happens to be Myrka's obsessive love for probing, licking and tongue-banging another tramp's asshole! I can't express enough to you the quality of these two carpet-munching divas. Myrka was blessed with a bombastic ass that just won't quit, while her girlfriend Denisa was given traffic-stopping boobs! Which model goes for broke? (Hint: Myrka's got a tongue ring!)